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Enrico Pellizzoni has been manufacturing top of the line leather furniture in Italy since 1988.
Enrico Pellizzoni produces home and office furnishings like tables, chairs, armchairs, stools, sofas and beds.
Successful designs like the Pasqualina chair, Pasqualina armchair, Bizzy chair, Curve chair, Good chair, Hipod chair, Lopod chair, Lullaby chair, Moon chair, Web chair, Web armchair, Zen chair, Verve table, and all the complete collection of Enrico Pellizoni is available from PALAZZETTI®.
Selected items like the Pasqualina chair line, are available in stock in NY for quick delivery.
palazzett@aol.com,  631-722-3733

amaranta chair base 0 swivel
Our Price: $2,172.00
amaranta chair base 5 swivel
Our Price: $2,143.00
amaranta chair base X fixed
Our Price: $1,907.00
amaranta stool base 0 swivel
Our Price: $2,316.00
bilbao armchair
Our Price: $1,220.00
bilbao chair
Our Price: $694.00
bilbao stool bar
Our Price: $684.00
bilbao stool counter
Our Price: $680.00
bizzy armchair
Our Price: $1,020.00