37 Years of Long Lasting Furniture Design

ettore sottsass

In the 1950's a collaboration started between Aldo Londi at Bitossi ceramiche and Ettore Sottsass, the renowned designer that introduced Bitossi Ceramiche to contemporary design. The well known black and white ceramics were created, the multicolor "Totems" and the historical production for Memphis.
Ettore Sottsass had a positive and important influence on the artistic development of the company and he opened the way for future collaborations with other designers.
Simplicity and continuity; the sign that Ettore Sottsass becomes the symbol of the passage of Bitossi Ceramiche from tradition to contemporary design with the creation of timeless shapes of big fascination."
Some of the furniture designs are also present in our collection by Ettore Sottsass of the Memphis period. They are very limited editions, and some are sold out. A very few rare personal Author's proof pieces are still available.
The Ettore Sottsass collection Indian Memory of teapots and fruit bowls made in Italy by Alessio Sarri ceramiche is now added to our extensive offering of Ettore Sottsass pottery.

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