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area rugs


PALAZZETTI® Classic Rugs are made of 100% new virgin wool.
This major collection of modern classics area rugs includes Eileen Gray rugs Marine d' Abord, Eileen Gray rug Centimeter, Eileen Gray rug Bobadilla, Le Corbusier rug Woman with basket, Massimo Iosa Ghini rugs, Fernand Leger rugs, Joseph Hoffman rugs, Wyld rug Music , rugs by Garcelon, Valmier, Mas, da Silva, Windels, Benedictus,  Diego Arango and many others.
In total the Palazzetti modern classics collection of area rugs numbers more than one hundred rugs.
Some rugs are in stock for immediate delivery, not stock will take about 10 weeks.
SPECIAL NOTE: Due to scan and browser quality, colors may vary. For real color samples, call 631-722-3733 or  PALAZZETT@AOL.COM