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The activity of the Bitossi family started in 1921 for the will of Guido Bitossi with the establishment of “Manifattura Ceramica Cav. Guido Bitossi & Figli” that combined typical local craft works into a structured productive organization."
"Bitossi Ceramiche is still run by the same family and thanks to the historical and cultural heritage that was recovered in these last years, it keeps alive its original craft roots, combined with a constant innovation. A never ending formal research and the skilled hands of ceramicist masters led to the development of the creations of Aldo Londi from 1950’s and then of Ettore Sottsass and Piero Fornasetti."
"Nowadays the tradition of hand-made products is continuing with the collaboration with Arik Levy, Karim Rashid, Ginevra Bocini, Fabio Novembre  and more recently Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Luisa Bocchietto and Mario Ferrarini. Bitossi Ceramiche: great artistic ceramic tradition and contemporary design."
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