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"What is Design ?" is the title of a show presented at the Louvre's Pavillon Marsan, by the Centre de Creation Industrielle in Paris in 1969. Joe Colombo participated with Charles Eames, Fritz Eichler, Vernere Panton and Roger Tallon. "What is Design ?" was also the first question of a long interview asked to Joe Colombo and published in the show catalog. " Design is a subject that includes architecture, urban design, production, mass media, in other words everything that constitutes the microcosm in which people live and operates. Industrial Design is surely not a style: it is functional and rational.... The idea of a new product is never born of an instinctive act.... Invention is the result of study and research. " JOE COLOMBO WAS THE PROTAGONIST IN THE FUNDAMENTAL CREATIVE EVOLUTION OF ITALIAN DESIGN OF THE 60'S IN THE 20TH CENTURY. Furniture designed by Joe Colombo, Multichair, Boby trolley, Continental bookcase, Sbalzo chair, Cricket chair, Ellipse book shelves, Spinny containers are all available in a most complete collection at PALAZZETTI USA. 631.722.3733,,

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