News from Milano 2017

Iconic designs by Joe Colombo were on display at B-LINE and ICF booths in Milano this year 2017 show. A great reminder of how fresh his clever designs still are. PALAZZETTI USA is reintroducing many of Joe Colombo pieces, including the Continental Bookcase, the Ellipse shelves system, the Sbalzo chair, the Cricket chair, the Robo container on wheels, the Totem coat hanger, together with the Boby trolley line and the Multichair. .
Also, on the centennial of the birth of Ettore Sottsass, Palazzetti is reintroducing in the US the collection of Teapots designed by Ettore Sottsass, part of his Indian Memories collection, manufactured in Italy by Alessio Sarri. These outstanding Teapots, together with many vases, bowls and centerpieces and some unique furniture pieces, expand dramatically the Ettore Sottsass collection now available at